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Business and COVID-19 – Cutting your losses by utilising the Internet?

The worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic that has engulfed our planet is a nightmare of epic precautions for almost everybody, but for the self-employed small business owner who works from home, (and likely online), who it appears are being fed to the wolves by the UK government and left to rely on inadequate Universal Credit it’s even worse, with as well as them not being able to carry out their work due to self-isolation, they are going to be left with less than £100.00 a week to live off, not even enough for most people’s living expenses, never mind cover any regular business expenses they may have, something that has prompted me to reach out and offer free assistance to any current clients or businesses local to me in The Borders that require help with either updating their online presence or even getting online.

Currently, myself and daughter, (along with a friend and his daughter who are staying with us), are due to personal long term respiratory problems that has resulted in me having to close Scottish Rural Broadband Solutions self-isolating in the remote farmhouse I live in on the hills above Jedburgh, but that doesn’t stop me sitting on my sofa in front of the fire prodding keys on my laptop or utilizing the vast high specification and secure hosting facilities I have available to me, so if I’ve developed a website for you in the past, currently host and manage it for you, or are a business/charity local to me in the borders, (the Jedburgh, Hawick, Kelso, Galashiels, Melrose or Selkirk area), that’s wondering how they can improve their online presence in a way that may help them continue to provide a service to their customers in this crisis, at least get some cash flow coming in from online, feel free to give me a shout, if I can help you, I’m happy to do so FOC, with me also cancelling all hosting fees to those who pay them to me for the next 6 months as I realise at times like this, every penny counts, so if you are one of my current clients or a local business, charity or non profit support group that think in these times of uncertainty you would benefit from:

  • An online shop adding to their current website to sell key products.
  • An HTML e-mail newsletter facility adding to your website so they can advise clients/customers in bulk how you are currently trading
  • A payment portal setting up for their business so you can accept payments online without having to meet people face to face or handle money
  • Or a website and hosting from scratch if you haven’t got one
  • Or even just some advice on what you could possibly do online

Feel free to give me a shout using the form below or phoning me on 07474 986386, we are all in this together, if I can help, I will, and am happy to provide whatever online assistance as I can Pro Bono as a way of me helping out in this crisis.



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    HolmeyBusiness and COVID-19 – Cutting your losses by utilising the Internet?