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Wonders of WordPress – The Course

A 10 weekly 2 hour course in website design & development using WordPress

It is our intention later in 2017 to run Wonders of WordPress – The Course, a 10 week, 2 hour session a week course that takes you by the hand and guide you through installing WordPress on a hosting account and basic configuration  in the first session, then over the next 9 weeks we will work with you to not only understand WordPress far better, but end up with the site that you need and have created yourself.

Wonders of WordPress is 10 part course on website design and development using WordPress, one of the most popular online content management systems in the world with this course being aimed at individuals with little or no website design & development experience but average computer skills who would like to learn sufficient to create an easy to manage secure and an attractive website or blog for themselves, business, community or campaign group. No previous Knowledge of HTML or CSS is required.

Course Aims

On successful completion of the course participants will have the skills required to develop, design and manage an attractive, individual, functional and secure website based the popular WordPress platform, (with 22% of all new websites registered in the US in 2010 being WordPress based).

The Course is aimed at –

Individuals with reasonable computer skills, (if you can use MS Word and most features on Facebook you will be fine), who would like to learn the skills required to design, develop and manage an individual, functional and secure website based the popular WordPress platform and is ideal for members of campaign groups, bands, artists, small business owners or individuals who would like to develop, maintain and control their own website.

The course includes –

Installation of WordPress

Installing WordPress on your server, either via the popular “1 click” Fantastico De Lux installation available on many servers or via the more secure “Famous WordPress FTP 5 minute method”.

Working with Themes

It is themes that determine the look of your website. In this part of the course you will learn how to install and activate the large  themes available for WordPress to give your website or blog a uniform individual look with specific instruction on management of the Weaver theme, one of the most versatile free themes available for WordPress.

Working with Plugins

Plugins are easy to install modules that add additional features to your website to make it more functional, for example, making it more secure, adding statistical analysis, (visitor count, location and referrers), WYSIWYG editing features, contact forms, superior search engine optimisation, slideshows, polls, forums, e-commerce solutions,(an online shop), Facebook integration and even, using the Mingle plugin, your own online social network very similar to Facebook.

This part of the course will give you the skills required to install, activate and configure at least 15 of the most popular and useful plugins available for WordPress.

Menu Management

How to arrange, configure and mange the menu’s that control the navigation on your website via the standard menu system or other alternatives.

Managing your WordPress website

In this part of the course you will learn how to add pages and posts to your website that include text, images, links, header banners, backgrounds and other media such as video’s, music and .PDF files.

Backing up and restoring your WordPress Website

In this part of the course you will learn how to back up and restore your complete website so that you can restore it as it was in the event of server failure or you want to transfer it to another server.

Monetizing Your Website

This part of the course will include an introduction to Google Ad-Sense and Affiliate schemes, with both being simple ways to monetize your website so that it brings in revenue.

Basic Server Management

Here you will learn the basics of server management using the popular cPanel server management console that will include using FTP & File manager, adding new domains, sub-domains and e-mail address management. This module will also include a section of managing SQL databases.

The course includes –

Your own Personal Hosting Account and WordPress Based Website

From session 1 of the course all participants will have their very own install of WordPress on the domain of their choice on own personal cPanel hosting account to practice their website development and server management skills on that will enable you to show to your friends and family online what you have created. On completion of the course you will retain this server account/domain for 30 days to give you sufficient time to arrange your own server space and transfer website there if you wish, (with the course giving you the skills required to do this task with ease), or continue with a full Wonders of WordPress Hosting Account.

A Course Manual

A fully illustrated, (including screenshots), course manual in .PDF format that covers all aspects of WordPress development and server management covered on the course will be provided to all participants.

This is more for the person/business who already has a website based on the WordPress platform and needs to learn the skills required to effectively managed and maintain their website.

The specifics of Wonders of WordPress One to One training are very open to the website you have, with each training programme e would be happy being specific to your individual requirements, with although we call it One to One training, for a small business, we are happy to extend it to groups of 3 of your staff.

You will also have access to our Wonders of WordPress Support Forum.

As said above, this course is targeted at individuals with little or no website design & development experience, but at least basic computer skills who would like to learn sufficient to create an easy to manage secure and attractive website or blog for themselves, business, community or campaign group. No previous Knowledge of HTML or CSS is required.

Yes, part of the course covers developing and managing e-commerce websites utilising Woo Commerce, the leading WordPress e-commerce plugin available today.

If an online shop is your aim, at the end of the course you will have developed a advanced and operational e-commerce website and have the skills required to not only to manage it well, but add to more advanced features and styling to it too.

The fundamental part of the course is 12 x weekly 2 hour hands on tutorial sessions, sessions where you will be guided through all aspects of building your own website, from installing the base WordPress core on a cPanel hosting account, shown how to use themes to style your website and plugins to give your website the security and functionality you want.

In between these tutorial sessions, you will be able to post any questions or problems you are having on our special Wonders of WordPress dedicated support forums where you will be quickly be steered to a solution, with the ultimate aim being at the end of the 12 weeks you having the website you always wanted.

The course is also supported by by you having a full set of up to date and high quality video support tutorials right in your sites dashboard.

If you would like notifying when we are running the next Wonders of WordPress – The Course, so you can build over 12 weeks the website of your dreams, please send us your contact details below.

* We hate spam too, we will not share your e-mail address with anyone.

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